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Product introduction:
ArcFeeder® is a wire feeder that regards arc voltage as working voltage and adopts arc voltage sensing control technology. It is applicable to solid wire, flux-cored wire and self-shielded welding wire. Four technical patents have been granted to it.
Main features:
Striking arc is in good performance;
Without control cable, it can match any brand of CC or CV DC welding machine and avoid the equipment failure caused by the short circuit and disconnection of output control cable and the instability of the welding process caused by extended cable;
Four-wheel drive ensures reliable wire feeding;
Upgrading the common DC manual welding machine into MIG/MAG improves production efficiency;
Common MIG/MAG is upgraded into high-speed gas-shielded welding.
It can realize flux-cored wire constant current gas shielded welding matching common DC manual welder. This leads to the ideal welding of equal penetration and equal arc length that is especially suitable for the welding of high-strength steel. It can be widely used in such fields as shipbuilding, port machinery and pressure vessel;
It can realize solid wire constant current gas shielded welding by matching common DC manual welder. It can replace thin wire submerged arc welding. It is chiefly applied to stainless steel welding, small and medium-sized pressure vessel and petrochemical storage tank industries;
It can realize high-speed and high-efficiency welding process by matching common MIG/MAG welder. It is particularly suitable for sheet metal welding, like the welding in container industry (the highest welding speed can be up to 2m/min);
It can replace international brand products to be applied to the welding of self-shielded flux-cored wire, especially suitable for the long-distance pipeline and offshore engineering of the power source matching DC welding generator;
In terms of open arc surfacing welding, it is suitable for the welding of abrasion/corrosion resistant materials. It features high deposition efficiency and low dilution rate.
System Connection Diagram:
Photos of Typical Welding:
Welding of hydraulic turbine parts by matching MILLER DELTA600/EWM WEGA600; welding conditions: φ1.6 flux-cored wire, pure CO2 and 320A~380A/35~36V
Welding of pressure vessels by matching common MMA; welding
conditions: φ1.2 solid wire, mixed gas (Ar80%+CO220%) and 260A~280A/30~32V
Welding of vehicle axle by matching KR350, achieving low spatter and high-speed welding; welding conditions: φ1.2 solid wire, mixed gas(Ar80%+CO220%) and 260A~280A/30~32V; welding speed: 1.5m/min.
Automatic pipeline welding by matching LINCOLN DC400+PAW3000; welding conditions: φ1.6 self-shielded flux-cored wire, 180A~280A/18~24V
Technical Parameters:
Input Power
Diameter range of wire
Wire reel size
Wire feeding speed
Outline Dimension
(L×W×H) mm
Net Weight
Open-Type I
Flux core: 1.2-2.4
Solid core: 0.8-1.6
Self-shielded: 1.6-2.4
Semi-Enclosed Type II
Totally Enclosed Type III
Note: Different motors can be available for choice; when the diameter of the welding wire exceeds 2.0mm, the motor with ultra-strong torque is needed.
Standard Configuration:    
1 Unit
Arc Voltage Sensing Lines
1 Piece (3m with sampling clamp)
Gas tube  
1 Piece (3m)
Wire Feeding Roll
φ1.2-1.6   2 pieces (installed on wire feeder in time of delivery )
φ1.0-1.2   2 pieces
Optional Configuration:  
Welding torch
Gas heater / flow meter
Current / voltage indicator (TypeⅡand Type III for option)
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