ArcNovaPlusTM Single-phase/trip-phase Multi-voltage Versatile Welding Machine
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ArcNovaPlusTM series welding machine adopts secondary chopper converter technology.It possesses multi-voltage, multi-function, and compatible with single-phase/trip-phase power grid, etc.It is widely used in MMA, Flux-cored wire welding, thin wire submerged arc welding(SAW), MIG/MAG, TIG and carbon arc gouging(CAG).

Advanced welding system with multi-voltage,single-phase/trip-phase.

Functions & Characteristics:

It is suitable forφφ2.0~φ6.0mm electrode,φ0.8~φ1.6mm solid wire,φ1.2~φ2.4mm flux-cored wire andφφ1.6 ~φ2.4mm inner-shielded wire;
Matching ArcFeeder®, it can achieve MIG / MAG;
Matching AutoTigTM, it can achieve automatic TIG;
Matching ArcTractor®, it can achieve thin wire submerged arc or automaticMIG/MAG whichimproves the efficiency and quality of welding;
It is suitable for welding carbon steel, low alloy steel, high-strength steel and stainless steel in boiler,pressure vessel, off-shore and pipeline, etc .

Connection Diagram:


Matching ArcFeeder®, Implement surface cladding and coating.

Matching ArcFeeder®, it is used for the weldingof low carbon steel and high-speed welding of stainless sheet metal.

Recommended Configuration:

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