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ArcNova® DC Arc Welding Secondary Converter

Product introduction:
We can make your huge capacity equipment
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ArcNova® series is a DC arc welding secondary converter adopting chopping technique. It possesses the functions of arc welding power, and the arc voltage sensing wire feeder equipped can easily realize the functions of gas-shielded welding; it can match common DC welding machine and DC welding generator to optimize the stability of the welding current and voltage outputted; the expansion of high-power welder or DC welding generator into portable group control multi-station welding station avoids the adverse impact caused by the extension of common welding output cable on the welding quality; fully optimized utilization of the user’s original high-power devices avoids the duplication or waste of resources. The series own four technical patents.
Main features: 
Safe, Green and Reliable
Safe: Low-voltage DC power supply is adopted. With voltage reduction device (VRD), no-load voltage can be reduced to 12VDC safe voltage.
Green: Its pollution to power grid is small; the output load can achieve automatic balance; simultaneous welding by multiple machines is acceptable, without affecting the quality of welding; it occupies a small capacity of power grid. 
The formula above reflects that total output power/0.91 can get the total power output by mother power when N units of ArcNova work at the same time. For instance, as for the mother power with total power output hitting 1000A/50V, each unit of ArcNova works at 200A/24V. Calculated as per the formula above, 10 units of ArcNova are allowed to work at the same time.
Reliable: Adopting IGBT parallel technology, the power loop is simple. Compared with common inverter welder, it is more reliable. 
It is widely applied in such industries as pipeline, boiler, pressure vessel, petrochemical, shipbuilding, port machinery, automobile manufacturing, nuclear power station, steel structure as well as the industries that need unified control (group control function) over welding specifications, for example, welding training and education and other metal welding industries;
It can realize the welding of cellulose, common low-carbon steel, stainless steel and other welding consumables, especially suitable for the welding of USC (ultra-supercritical boiler) new stainless Super304H and USC P92/T92 pipelines and HR3C and HR6W nickel based welding consumables.
Specifications of suitable welding wires/ welding rods: 2.0-6.0 mm welding rod, 0.8-1.6mm solid wire, 1.2-2.0 mm flux-cored welding wire and 1.6-2.4 mm self-shielded welding wire.
It can transform common DC welding machine and DC welding generator into multipurpose welder for manual and gas shielded welding.

Multi-station System Connection Diagram:

Technical Parameters:
Standard Configuration:

ArcNova® DC Arc Welding Secondary Converter
1 unit (photo, order number)
Rapid input connector
1 piece
Rapid output connector
2 pieces

Optional Configuration: 
300A electrode holder
400A welding earth clamp
Welding cable
Distribution box (10 in 1)
Guarantee Period: 3 years                                
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